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  •   Urban System Environmental Quality Policy

    • Building management is a business which is deeply involved in housing. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the responsibility that our work entails. We believe that it is crucial to deal effectively and professionally with issues that affect people’s quality of life.

      As part of this, Urban Systems Inc. aims to further increase quality by the staff striving to improve their technology, ability and humanity, and by engaging in activities to solve environmental issues based on our Environmental Quality Standard (KISO), we provide even higher quality services.

    • EnvironmentQuality

  •   Information Security Policy

    •     Urban Systems Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) considers information security as a vital management issue and in response to recent increases in information security risk will properly and reliably protect all information assets used in its activities in consideration of the impact on its business activities.
          Based on the principles of information security risk management, we are disseminating this “Information Security Policy” in accordance with the following items to all internal and external stakeholders. We are keenly committed to its compliance.

      1. Information Security Management System
      An information security manager will be appointed. For this responsibility, we have organized an Information Security Management System (ISMS) focused on the “IKT Conference”. We will promote ISMS based on the responsibility and authority of the risk owner overseeing each business.
      This will protect all information assets the Company uses from a variety of threats, and establish a system that can recover quickly when damage becomes apparent.

      2. Promotion of a Business Conscious of Information Security
      We will implement ISMS with a focus on the following items:
          1. The promotion of a real estate management related business concerned with information security.
          2. We will protect and manage confidential information (including personal information) received from customers and business partners.
          3. We will comply with the requirements of laws, ordinances, etc. related to information security.

      3. Promotion of Educational Activities
      We will raise information security awareness with all internal and external stakeholders.

      4. Continuous Improvement
      We will continue to improve ISMS as we operate it, and will respond to the expectations of our customers and all internal and external stakeholders.

      Enacted: June 7, 2016
      CEO: Tak Koshiba
      Urban Systems Inc.