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    • 2016.06.22 Company-wide staff training URL
      2016.04.01 Inauguration Ceremony to Introduce New Chairman and President and Welcoming Ceremony Held URL
      2016.03.01 Company Information Session Begins for FY2017 Prospective Employees URL
      2016.02.29 “The 6th Eco-House & Eco-Building Expo” URL
      2015.11.27 Company-wide staff training URL
      2015.10.01 Job offer ceremony URL
      2015.07.25 Kita-machi Awaodori Dance Festival URL
      2015.06.29 25th anniversary staff training URL
      2015.06.19 Inheritance tax strategy introduction seminar URL
      2015.06.10 Town seminar URL
      2015.05.31 Pancrase – Sponsored Yasutaka Koga URL
      2015.04.01 Welcoming ceremony for new employees URL
      2015.02.06 TOKYO TY Business Interchange 2015 URL
      2014.11.18 Employee Training Seminar is Held URL
      2014.10.1 Tokyo Head Office Showroom Opening Ceremony and New Graduate Welcoming Ceremony URL
      2014.07.15 Employee Training Seminar Held in Tokyo URL
      2014.07.3 Tokyo Head Office Opening Ceremony URL
      2014.04.01 Welcome ceremony for the new employees URL
      2014.02.01 Employment Seminar for prospective graduates URL
      2014.01.28 New Year party with live music URL
      2014.01.20 Joto office wins Hebel ROOMS Awards URL
      2013.11.26 The employee training seminar URL
      2013.10.01 Welcome ceremony for prospective employees for FY 2014 URL
      2013.08.02 2013 Urban System Mintaba! "Summer" URL
      2013.06.19 Execution of the employee training seminar URL
      2013.04.05 In order to introduce our product "Neo COAT (Heat-consuming paint)," a member of our staff, Ms. Kang, appeared on the China Dalian TV show "Shinsen Nippon." URL
      2013.03.02 Company information session for new graduates URL
      2013.01.29 New Year party with live music held URL
      2012.11.14 Execution of the employee training seminar URL
      2012.08.03 Field work report from spring to summer URL
      2012.07.21 Ramen Restaurant Remodeled by Urban System Opened URL
      2012.06.20 Execution of the employee training seminar URL
      2012.06.12 "Mintaba!" project has started! URL
      2012.05.28 Report on the Eco-Moss® System Project in Hong Kong URL
      2012.04.02 A ceremony was held to welcome the new employees URL
      2012.02.10 Mitaka Satellite Office is open! URL
      2011.04.04 2011 Orientation URL
      2011.03.18 Donations: Earthquake and Tsunami in Northeast Japan URL
      2011.03.07 Recruiting Starts URL
      2011.03.03 ISO 14001 regular examination URL
      2010.12.01 Support the Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima URL
      2010.08.16 Notice: Relocation of Akasaka Office URL
      2010.07.31 Participation in Kitamachi Awa Odori Dance URL
      2010.06.23 Employee training seminar URL
      2010.04.01 A welcome ceremony for the new employees URL
      2010.03.15 Interior renovation construction is extremely popular URL
      2009.10.06 Environmental Report is available from Augut's issue
      2009.08.31 Joto Office is open! URL
      2009.08.10 We install fire alarms URL
      2009.08.03 We install aerials for terrestrial digital broadcasting URL
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