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      Here at Urban System, we strive to be an expert team of building management professionals. Because our business involves a high degree of interaction with our clients—many of whom are homebuilders and landowners—we are always seeking conscientious and honest individuals for positions on our staff. In addition, the apartment management industry is constantly giving rise to new business opportunities, and we also welcome ambitious individuals who have the drive to seek out and develop these as they come along.
      Our company’s hiring process consists of a three-stage interview following the initial document screening. Because we also conduct aptitude and general education tests during the interview process, please do not forget to bring a pen, pencil or other writing instrument with you. The general outline of our hiring process is laid out in the chart to the right.

    • Regular positions for new graduates

      We are currently hiring new graduates for regular positions.

    • Mid-career positions

      We are always recruiting.

    • Part-time positions

      We are not conducting periodic recruitment at this time.

    • The voice of our staff

      We’ve posted interviews with Urban System employees
      who were hired out of school.

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    • ※ For more information, please call our Nerima Head Office at +81-3-5398-1500.

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