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  •   Condominium Apartment Maintenance Service

    •     For the condo association board, which is organized by residents of condominiums for communal living, there are important factors. These include ways to carry out day-to-day maintenance, forming and proposing long-term repair planning, and managing general meetings where annual reports on balance of payments for maintenance fees are discussed.
      We reduce the amount of work for the condo association board by designing plans of day-to-day maintenance service, and provide equipment maintenance and repair work, as well as support the holding of the annual general meetings, and conducting core administrative work for the condo association board.

    • Proposing Custom Maintenance Menu

      Proposing Custom Maintenance Menu

      We propose a custom maintenance menu which features necessary maintenance, such as cleaning, for your property.

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    • Corresponding with the Residents

      Call Desk

    • Supporting Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings/Conducting Core Administrative Work for Condo Association Boards

      >Supporting Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings

      We provide support for board meetings, usually held at least once every two months and management support such as formulating issues to be discussed, taking minutes and facilitate annual general meetings.
      We also conduct core administrative works, such as accounting and treasury, for the condo association boards.

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    • Day-to-Day Maintenance Support

      Supporting Board Meetings and Annual General Meetings

      Our staff conducts cleaning, routine visits and an inspection of shared facilities on a day-to-day basis. We also maintain the exterior of your apartment, and report on its condition in writing.

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    • Proposing Long-Term Repair Work Plan

      Long-term repair work plan / Large scale repair work

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