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  •   Housing Renovation

    • There are varying trends in apartment room design, and of course, these trends change with contemporary needs. Also, as buildings become older, it is very important to consider the continued comfort and safety of residents. If apartment owners have any issues, such as those described above, we can help to resolve them. Our technical experts listen to your concerns, and can help to renovate your rooms, so that they include the most up-to-date products, technology, and design.

    • Renovation

      We improve the quality of your apartment by renewing certain items where water is often used, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry, and washroom. With the replacement of items such as wooden floors, tatami mats, and wallpaper, we help to create a fashionable and comfortable living environment, one that is well suited to meet your everyday requirements whilst at the same time having a modern and exciting appearance.

    • Equipment Renewal

      Unfortunately, equipment in the home such as air conditioning, water heaters, faucets, kitchen or bathroom equipment are susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore it is necessary to renew such equipment after a certain period of time, and Urban System can provide this renewal service when necessary. Upon a client moving out of their apartment, we can assist by checking apartment equipment and adjusting their account accordingly.
      Any equipment malfunctions can be dealt with promptly from our Call Desk.

      Equipment Renewal
    • Home Cleaning

      Home Cleaning

      Everyone prefers to start a new stage of life feeling refreshed in a clean new home. Therefore, after any room restoration or housing renovation is completed, we thoroughly clean an apartment, including areas such as, the bathroom, kitchen, toilet, laundry and washroom, as well as flooring, window sashes, insect shields, extractor fans, and mirrors.

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