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  •   Rental Housing Maintenance Service

    • Buildings are constantly exposed to changing weather conditions such as wind and rain. Because of this, if regular maintenance is not conducted, stains and dirt will become noticeable after a short while. Even in a new building, the consequences of this can affect the residents’ living environment. Hence, appropriate maintenance, suited to each building is necessary to secure a comfortable living environment. At Urban Systems Inc., we plan routine maintenance schedules and consult with residents regarding any issues affecting their living environment, as well as arrange all the work necessary to restore housing to its original condition.

    • Proposing Custom Maintenance Menu

      Proposing Custom Maintenance Menu

      We propose a custom maintenance menu which features necessary maintenance, such as cleaning, for your property.

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    • Corresponding with the Residents

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    • Routine Maintenance

      In order to maintain a safe and comfortable living environment in all apartments, the building needs to undergo regular maintenance. Maintaining plants and trees, collecting rubbish, cleaning the stains from ceilings, walls and floors, replacing light bulbs in shared spaces, and ensuring that other equipment is operating without problems; these are cleaned and checked by our routine inspection staff, who have all have passed our in-house qualification test.

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    • Adjusting Accounts Service When Clearing Rooms

      We provide a service to adjust accounts when a resident moves out of an apartment. This involves repairing and restoring rooms to their original condition.

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    • Restoration of Rooms

      We provide services which include the repair of any room damage, the replacement of wallpaper and finally a full clean of your room. For all such work, we will provide a detailed estimate. This is a part of the adjusting accounts service, which is carried out when clearing rooms.

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    • Proposing Renovation Works

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