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  •   Building Repair Work

    • In order to sustain a comfortable living experience in your apartment, maintenance of the building, its facilities and equipment is required. This is carried out so that the buildings and facilities are prepared to withstand the test of time. At Urban System, we propose and develop a specific long-term repair plan, which takes into consideration factors such as, age degradation and the introduction of any new building legislation. We also conduct large-scale repair work, as well as replace room equipment to suit client requests.

    • Long-term repair work plan / Large-scale repair work

      Long-term repair work plan / Large-scale repair work

      We construct a 5- to 10-year building maintenance plan, where we conduct regular repair work as necessary. Such work can apply to areas such as exterior walls, shared spaces, iron fixings, rooftops, equipment and facilities. We shall also act accordingly in response to any age degradation that the building may suffer.

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    • Main Contents of Repair Work

      Over the years, buildings gradually deteriorate and this could cause problems and accidents. This is why regular repairs are necessary in order to keep apartment buildings safe with a comfortable living environment. We provide in-house large-scale repair work, so please feel free to contact us.

      Main Contents of Repair Work
    • Scaffolding

      Large-scale repair work starts with scaffolding, in order for us to repair the building’s exterior wall. To ensure safe working conditions, it is necessary to scaffold with appropriate procedures. In this section, we introduce how our safety measures are implemented for scaffolding.


    • Building Frame Repair/Sealing Work

      It is important to reduce the risk of danger in our everyday lives, as well as being equipped for undesirable situations, to create a comfortable living environment. We improve the level of safely for the residents by replacing outdated and deteriorated emergency hatches, as well as replacing rusty rain gutter bands. Also, we repair cracks on exterior walls, which provide a sense of reassurance for the residents.


    • Paint Work

      Over the years, exterior walls become discolored by dirt and exposure to the sun. This is why regularly repainting the exterior wall is essential to maintain the appearance of the building. It is also effective to use anticorrosive for the steel parts of the building. We offer excellent painting skills, with the use of environmentally-friendly paint.


    • Waterproofing Work

      Initial waterproofing of rooftops and balcony floors conducted when the building was built does not last forever. Conducting waterproofing work periodically ensures the continuous and effective waterproofing.


    • Elongated Sheet Lining for Shared Space

      By lining anti-slip sheeting on the floors of shared spaces (corridors, stairs, etc.), it can significantly improve the appearance of the building. Also the floors become less slippery on rainy days with anti-slip finish, and it provides sound insulation at the same time.


    • Upgrade Work

      Upgrade Work

      On request, we install equipment which suits our clients’ lifestyle.
      ※ For instance, the replacement of a gas cooker with an IH heater, installation of an intercom with TV monitor, and the upgrade of floor surfaces.

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