Urban Systems Inc.

Urban Systems is a company involved in managing apartment blocks mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba. Our business covers anything related to cleaning and renovation of apartments, legal inspection of various residential facilities, or anything related to other kinds of buildings.

ISMS 27001 certified:
(Akasaka Office, Josai Center and Joto Center Building Divisions)

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No. 98 Takeshi Yoro Seminar

Greetings Everyone. This is to inform you that we will be participating as a supporting company in a seminar featuring Takeshi Yoro and sponsored by the Japan Corporate Social Responsibility Association (Representative: Keisuke Matsumura). We hope you will come and join us. As follows:   Japan Corporate Social Responsibility Association Special Seminar 2018 “Creating a […]

No. 97 EcoPro 2017

The changing of the seasons is upon us and it is gradually getting colder day by day. I hope everyone is doing well. Urban Systems’ Environmental Business Research Institute will once again have a booth at this year’s “EcoPro 2017 (International Exhibition on Environment and Energy)”. This has become an annual event for Urban Systems. […]

No. 96 Kitamachi Awaodori Dance Festival

Greetings to all. The rainy season has finally come to an end and the summer heat is upon us. It’s nice to spend leisure time at the ocean or in the mountains, but during the summer it’s really time to enjoy a festival drinking and dancing. Every year at the shopping arcade in Kitamachi, Nerima-ku […]

No. 95 Environmental Business Research Institute 15th Anniversary Celebration

Greeting by Vice-Chairman Koshiba The Akasaka office which serves as the Secretariat for the Environmental Business Research Institute celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding in May this year. An anniversary celebration was held to commemorate this event. In the first half of the celebration, there was a report on the latest environmental information from […]

No. 94 Global Warming Prevention Exhibition 2017

The Akasaka office of the Environmental Business Research Institute will serve as the secritariat and have an exhibit for the Global Warming Prevention Exhibition 2017. With the rise in economic growth in Japan and around the world, a variety of environmental problems have now become major social issues, including pollution, increasing CO2 emissions, waste disposal, […]

No. 93 2017 New Year’s Live Concert

It is already a month into 2017, and on February 3, the New Year’s live concert that was discontinued last year was held by Urban Systems with a completely new look! With a renewed concept for this concert, members of Urban Systems along with several house manufacturers and other cooperating companies came to form groups […]

No. 92 Eco-Products 2016 Exhibit and Notice of Yokohama Office Relocation

The Environmental Business Research Institute, for whom we are serving as secretariat at the Akasaka Office, is participating in the Eco-Products 2016 Exhibition. At this exhibition where environmental businesses gather, a wide variety of environmental products are displayed. All the member companies of the Environmental Business Research Institute that are involved in environmental business will […]

Environmental Reports – Previous Issues

No. Theme Month/Year of Issue File 91 Attending the Biwako Environmental Business Exhibition 2016 October 2016 PDF 90 Kita-machi Awaodori Dance Festival July 2016 PDF 89 Light-Guiding Film and Light-Guiding Blind Featured in Newspapers March 2016 PDF 88 Urban Systems Rice and Eco-Products December 2015 PDF 87 N-EXPO 2015 May 2015 PDF 86 Exhibiting at […]