Environmental Quality Policy

Building management is a business which is deeply involved in housing. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge the responsibility that our work entails. We believe that it is crucial to deal effectively and professionally with issues that affect people’s quality of life.
As part of this, Urban Systems Inc. aims to further increase quality by the staff striving to improve their technology, ability and humanity, and by engaging in activities to solve environmental issues based on our Environmental Quality Standard (KISO), we provide even higher quality services.

Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Urban Systems conduct its corporate activities considering environmental conservation/improvements in all areas through our business activities such as building management and renovations.
We also strive to coexist with local communities by providing useful services for the global/local environment.
We have established the above precepts as our environmental policy.

Activity Guidelines

To fulfil our environmental policy, we are involved in the following activities.

  1. We will strive to prevent pollution through the promotion of resource conservation, energy saving, waste reduction, proper waste disposal, and recycling resources to reduce the environmental impact resulting from our corporate activities.
  2. To achieve these objectives we will specify our environmental objectives/policies, and we will prepare and implement a program to ensure they are carried out. We also plan to continually improve our environmental management system by reviewing environmental audits, objectives, and targets.
  3. We will comply with legal environmental requirements related to our corporate activities and other agreed requirements.
  4. We will conduct environmental education to publicize our environmental policy to our employees, and endeavor to recognize the importance of environmental conservation.
  5. We will publish a copy of our environmental policy on our website for the benefit of public knowledge.

Urban Systems Inc.
CEO Tak Koshiba