No. 93 2017 New Year’s Live Concert

2017/02/06 更新   Environmental Reportsのトピックス

It is already a month into 2017, and on February 3, the New Year’s live concert that was discontinued last year was held by Urban Systems with a completely new look! With a renewed concept for this concert, members of Urban Systems along with several house manufacturers and other cooperating companies came to form groups that crossed office or company boundaries to create some real noise! The evening ended up turning into an industry-exchange New Year’s party with a full-on concert. Really, no one could have seen it coming.
A total of nine bands performed, and the band by the originator of this event kicked the night off with Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. The perfect cover of the song completely stunned the crowd. All the bands performed with great skill as the event was a gathering of music lovers in the industry. Now, our wish is that we will all get over the busy season.

Opening band

Mitaka Office team played the currently trending song “恋” (Koi)

Yokohama Office Team singing TM Revolution

The circuit team showed off their energy with a song by 10-FEET!

The American band led by Managing Director Usuda played KISS!

Led by Chairman Koshiba, the mixed band formed by people in the industry played the 80’s!

Reporter: Michiko Iwamatsu