No. 95 Environmental Business Research Institute 15th Anniversary Celebration

2017/06/01 更新   Environmental Reportsのトピックス

Greeting by Vice-Chairman Koshiba

The Akasaka office which serves as the Secretariat for the Environmental Business Research Institute celebrated the 15th anniversary of its founding in May this year. An anniversary celebration was held to commemorate this event.
In the first half of the celebration, there was a report on the latest environmental information from Chairman Yamaguchi, such as trends in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) which are seeing rising interest in a variety of areas and a commentary on international certification. In the latter half, Mr. Kyoraku Sanyutei told a short story and held a quiz. Relationships were deepened and everyone enjoyed the event.
Finally, Vice-Chairman Koshiba ended the celebration stating that this 15th anniversary was an opportunity to aim for further vitalization, and to create an organization that can respond immediately when there are problems.
The Environmental News, a newspaper, gathered information at the celebration and published an article in the May 31, 2017 edition. The article contained interviews with Chairman Yamaguchi and employees of Urban Systems including Secretary-General Iwamatsu, and Secretariat Iwamoto about the current and future situation of the Environmental Business Research Institute.
This anniversary celebration has continued now for 15 years. Presenters’ products and services were identified at a unique business exchange meeting known as “Brei-Kou” which is popular with participants. It sees a variety people of differing ages, occupations, and positions gathering for serious and lively discussions, and its popularity is why it has continued every month.
Our objective is further development, and ideally it will be possible to work together with member companies on research and products to solve environmental and social problems.

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