No. 96 Kitamachi Awaodori Dance Festival

2017/08/03 更新   Environmental Reportsのトピックス

Greetings to all. The rainy season has finally come to an end and the summer heat is upon us. It’s nice to spend leisure time at the ocean or in the mountains, but during the summer it’s really time to enjoy a festival drinking and dancing. Every year at the shopping arcade in Kitamachi, Nerima-ku where Urban Systems’ headquarters are located the “Kitamachi Awaodori dance festival” is held. On the day of the festival the neighborhood will be crowded with people.

During the Edo period, this area was called Shimo Nerima Juku (Lower Nerima Lodge) and the Matsudaira clan set up their headquarters and flourished as a post town along the former Kawagoe Highway. The Awaodori dance festival has been held since 1993 in historic Kitamachi as an exciting event with the aim of revitalizing the community. The Awaodori is a traditional dance originating in Tokushima and is one of Japan’s three major Bon dances. It is a very exciting festival among the many summer festivals.

With the aim of contributing to society and revitalizing local residents and shopping districts the Ponpoko Raccoon Puppies, a group of children, will play gongs and drums and will dance.

Unfortunately, it was raining this year on July 29th, but despite heavy rain which threatened to cancel the festival all the dancers danced well, and spectators applauded as they enjoyed the dancing. All of the employees at Urban Systems were able to ignore the rain and greatly enjoyed the presentation.

Reporter: Michiko Iwamatsu